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How To: 9 Handy Uses for Cream of Tartar

Though cream of tartar, also known as potassium hydrogen tartrate, is commonly used in the kitchen to stabilize egg whites when making meringues or meringue toppings, it can also be used as a DIY cleaning product and to repel ants from your home, among other things. Read below for more practical uses for cream of tartar.

How To: 11 Awesome Uses for Paint Chips

Paint chips, small cards that show different colors from paint manufacturers, can be picked up for free at your local hardware store to help you decide what color you want to paint your living space. They can also be used for a number of crafty DIY projects, such as making your own drink coasters, gift tags, bookmarks, and more.

How To: Make Your Own Temporary Tattoo

Whether you need very temporary skin art for a costume or simply want to test-run a potential tattoo design before it gets permanent, making your own temporary tattoo only requires wax paper, a printout or drawing of your desired design, black eyeliner, rubbing alcohol, baby powder, liquid bandage, and a lot of patience.

How To: Make Your Own Homemade Tootsie Rolls

While candy-making can seem like an intimidating task, making your own homemade Tootsie Rolls is actually surprisingly easy. For a super-easy, no heat version, you can simply gather all your ingredients, mix and knead them together until everything reaches a Play-Doh-like consistency, and cut the resulting sticky ball into bite-sized pieces.

How To: 7 Hard-to-Clean Areas in Your Home (& How to Clean Them)

How do you clean the blades of a ceiling fan without potentially hurting yourself? For an easy solution, simply use a stepladder and a pillowcase. Encase one blade of a ceiling fan with a clean pillowcase, and then pull the pillowcase towards you, which removes dust from the top of the blade and brings dust down into the pillowcase. Turn fan and repeat for every blade until the entire ceiling fan is clean.

How To: 13 More Awesome Household Cleaning Hacks

Pretty much all of your cleaning supplies can be found in your kitchen or medicine cabinet for dirt cheap. White vinegar can be used to clean shower head deposits and your dishwasher on an empty cycle. Ammonia can be used to clean the gunk off your stove burner grates. And citrus fruits can be used to clean bathtub rings and dull sink faucets.

How To: Repaint Old Wooden Furniture

Bored of your living room furniture? As a weekend DIY project, one easy way to give new life to old wooden furniture is to add a new coat of paint. All you need are a drop cloth to cover the floor, sandpaper and sanding sponges, primer, latex paint, a foam roller, synthetic bristle brushes, and a well-ventilated room to paint the furniture in.

How To: Raise Your Self-Esteem

Sometimes, raising your self-esteem is a matter of sticking to basic self-care routines like exercising, eating right, and getting enough sleep. Once you have that down, you can then move onto other productive mindsets and rituals, like setting realistic goals for yourself and exploring hobbies, activities, and communities that interest you the most.

How To: Treat Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation in your body is not a bad thing if it is localized and temporary, as it is your body's natural healing response to an injury or illness. When the inflammatory response does not turn off and becomes chronic, that is when your body's healthy cells and tissues are in danger of long-term damage.