How To: 10 DIY Hangover Cures for Your Upcoming New Year's Eve Festivities

10 DIY Hangover Cures for Your Upcoming New Year's Eve Festivities

Unfortunately, many of us will be celebrating New Year's morning with a post-New Year's Eve party hangover. Avoid this common misfortune by taking some basic hangover-prevention precautions: eat a full meal before drinking, stay hydrated, and limit yourself to 1 to 2 drinks for every hour.

For those of you who simply can't resist the extra few drinks during the last glorious hours of day 365 (or 366 if it's a leap year), below are 10 DIY hangover cures for recovering the morning after.

Got your own tried and true hangover remedies for recovering from those nights when you've had a few sips too many? Share with us in the comments below. (Click on image below to enlarge.)

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Could have used this the day before yesterday.

That, and I think I may have an alcohol intolerance. Whenever I drink enough for it to be a good time, I get an absolutely horrifying hangover, and I wake up with stuffed nose. I was curled up in a ball in my bed until about 4pm.

Oy vey, sounds intense. Hope your next alcohol-infused hang-out isn't as painful the morning after next time!

there's no such thing as "sweating out toxins", this is a myth. Sometimes there can be impurities in your sweat, but they are in such trace amounts they are insignificant. The only detox mechanism the body has is the liver. The ONLY purpose of sweating is regulating body temperature.

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