How To: 11 Weird & Wonderful Uses for Magnets

11 Weird & Wonderful Uses for Magnets

Other than sticking your crayon drawings onto your refrigerator door, magnets have a variety of unexpected and sometimes surprisingly practical uses ranging from keeping your chip bags sealed to creating weird patterns on your nail beds using magnetic nail polish.

Magnets are also extremely useful for safely picking up screws, needles, and other pointy objects from the floor if you ever have an accidental spill during your DIY home project or sewing spree.

And if you ever suspect that your fortified nutritious breakfast cereal doesn't contain as much iron as you suspect, you can verify this by grinding up your cereal in a blender and seeing for yourself how much black iron fuzz sticks onto your magnet when you sift through the cereal dust.

Got your own unexpected uses for magnets? Share them with us! (Click on image below to enlarge.)


I grew up in northern Utah, where it snowed hard during the winters. And I never heard of keeping the door lock unfrozen with a magnet! Genius!

Hooray! I would have never known of this tip and may not use it anytime soon since a.) I live in Southern California and b.) I have a keyless car remote. Nonetheless, I thought this tip was really cool when I first read about it.

#$%@in' miracles.

Ya, that is brilliant. I have been late to many things in my day due to frozen locks lol. Before, I would stand there like an idiot trying to splash hot water from a coffee cup directly into the keyhole lol.

just have to point out that you are not finding true north rather you are finding magnetic north which is about 15 degrees off from true north

Good to know. Thanks for sharing!

two magnets, 1 piece of towel ,linen etc will clean out a small fishtank clothe inside hold with 1 magnet use the other outside the tank in sync and move it around works great i do this myself

Great idea. Thanks for sharing!

Stick stuff to walls (like knives n such). A hammer works best to knock a hole in drywall, do this then with a knife or other sharp object hollow out a section of the drywall from the back side big enough for your magnet, the magnets need to be strong like hard drive magnets. Dont hollow all the way through the backside of the drywall, about 1\2 way should be good. put your magnet in and tape it with duct tape or something (cleaning all the dust off the wall first). Patch the hole you pounded with precision and warra! Stick ferrous objects n the like to the wall like magic. If you are not really gooood at drywall repairs like I am or don't like the extra time it will takk, then just cut a hole about twice the size of your hand, dont use a hammer.

how about when your working around the house, just put a magnet in your front pocket then whenever u need a screw etc. its right there handy 4 when u need it Drill in 1 hand and off u go

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