How To: 9 Unconventional Uses for Paper Towels

9 Unconventional Uses for Paper Towels

Paper towels are great for absorbing your kitchen spills, but did you know that they're also perfect for cooking bacon in the microwave? Simply place bacon side-by-side on a layer of two paper towels and place two more paper towels on top of the bacon. Zap in the microwave at 1-minute interval for 3-4 minutes until desired crispiness is reached. No greasy pan-cleaning to worry about afterwards.

Other than easy bacon-cooking, paper towels are also great for removing silk from corn, softening your rock-hard brown sugar, cleaning your sewing machine, keeping your cast-iron pots rust-free, and testing the shelf life of your old seed packets. Not bad for a humble kitchen accessory commonly used for wiping orange juice puddles from the kitchen counter.

Got your own unconventional uses for paper towels? Share with us by commenting below!

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