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11 Practical to Crafty Uses for Empty Pringles Cans (Or Just More Excuses to Eat Lots of Potato Chips)

If you've recently binged out on a can or two of Pringles potato chips, don't throw away those empty containers just yet. After cleaning the insides, you can transform your cylindrical chip canisters into uncooked spaghetti noodles holders, kaleidoscopes, pinhole cameras, sugar shakers, and even hot dog cookers.

Need a place to store your wet paint roller in-between uses? Use your empty Pringles can and close the lid until you're ready to start painting again.

You can also use empty Pringles cans to store toothbrushes and toothpaste when traveling, first aid kit supplies, paintbrushes, rulers, and more.

Got your own favorite uses for empty Pringles cans? What's your favorite Pringles flavor? Share!

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Looking for a fast and easy way to get the crisps out of the Pringles can without breaking them or getting your hands super dirty? Try a folded up piece of paper. Click here for more info, including why Pringles are technically called "crisps" and not "chips."

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