How To: 11 Crafty & Practical Uses for Colorful Fall Leaves

11 Crafty & Practical Uses for Colorful Fall Leaves

With the abundance of colorful fall leaves in the autumn season, it would be a shame not to do something about it before it all disappears into the dead of winter.

For a super-easy crafty project, you can simply gather a handful of colorful fall leaves, preserve them in wax or spray them with clear sealer, and tie them with twine or string indoors for a splash of warm color in your home.

For slightly more ambitious artistic projects, you can also use fall leaves to make an outdoor wreath, decorate the exterior of a mason jar to make a candle holder, or use the shape of leaves to create imprints on a fabric tote bag. If you have maple leaves around, you can turn them into really cool roses (check out my other guide for full instructions).

For the extremely practical gardener, you can always use shredded fall leaves as compost or mulch.

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