How To: Yumi's Guide to Easter Egg Blowing

Yumi's Guide to Easter Egg Blowing

Get crafty this Easter weekend with egg blowing, a technique where you poke holes on the ends of raw eggs and blow out all the yolk so that you can use the empty, still-intact eggshells for painting and decorating. Fun for the whole family and all that huffing and puffing just may distract you long enough from over-binging on the giant chocolate bunny and that package of sugary Peeps. Happy Easter!

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Cover image and illustrations by Yumi Sakugawa/WonderHowTo

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And to think all these years i've been dying eggs the easy way.

If you use the hard-boiled method, you have to throw your artwork away. Besides, blowing out eggs is fun. Especially if you can find exotic varieties in local stores—quail or goose, etc.

I love doing this! As a child we would make these and the string a ribbon through and hang them on our "Easter" tree. It is fun and we could use them in the years to come. They are extra fragile, so each year we would lose a few and make a few new ones to replace them.

That sounds like such a fun tradition! I just grew up with plastic eggs that you can pop in half to put in nickles and candy, which is fun in its own way but not as crafty / unique. :)

I got some beautifully decorated eggs from Romania from my mom when she visited my brother who now lives there, Now I know how I can replace the one that I broke! Another Awesome.

Sweet! You should take pics and share them with us if you ever get around to replacing them :)

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