How To: 7 Halloween Makeup Tricks Using Common Household Items

7 Halloween Makeup Tricks Using Common Household Items

Need to look like a rotting, decaying zombie corpse for Halloween? Rather than bribing your special effects makeup artist friend to treat you one for the night, you can definitely DIY a couple of good Halloween makeup effects using common household items in your pantry or medicine cabinet.

You could grab some toilet paper and Elmer's Glue-All to papier-mâché your face into flaky, rotting grossness.

To add some gory blood to your festering wounds, make your own fake blood with corn syrup, cornstarch and red food coloring.

Permanent markers and hand sanitizer can make a pretty convincing bruise. Coffee grounds and Vaseline can add beat-up stubble to your hairless face.

And no need to make a last-minute run to buy overpriced Halloween face paint if you have shortening, cornstarch, flour, and food coloring at home. If you're probably never going to get around to that multi-colored biscuit recipe you've been meaning to try, then you might as well use those ingredients to whip yourself up some non-toxic, homemade face paint for your Frankenstein clown makeup.

Got your own DIY tips for Halloween incorporating items found around the home and in the kitchen? Share with us by commenting below!

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hair gel and food coloring for another fake blood an vaseline for fake skin

What can I use as a substitute for the shortening? We don't have that where I live

I unfortunately do not know what can substitute shortening, the best bet may be to find alternative recipes that don't require shortening. Here's a recipe that doesn't use shortening for white make-up base. Hope this helps!

Use cold cream it works just as well

For those wanting a cheap, easy and extremely realistic looking blood...... chocolate syrup and red food coloring.
It looks amazing and is delicious.

If you have a costume and want to add some pure disgust, add some red food coloring tinted chocolate blood and just start licking it.

I did a zombie costume a few years back and used this type blood. I also made a brain cake that was dripping with this blood and was eating it while I was walking around. Red velvet cake, light pink fondant and this blood dripping. I almost made several people faint.
I uploaded a photo of my nephew's birthday cake where I used this blood.
Just a thought for those who need a cheap, but realistic looking blood. And if you just so happen to get some on your hands and lick it off and gross some people out.....well that's a win win.

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