Recipe for Horror: How to Make Fake Blood Capsules for Halloween

How to Make Fake Blood Capsules for Halloween

Want to go the extra mile with your scary costume this Halloween? Use fake blood capsules. At an opportune moment, fake blood can slowly dribble out of your vampiric mouth like you've just finished sucking blood out of an innocent bystander's neck. Or, if you're a zombie, it'll look like you've just finished feasting on the flesh of some poor non-zombie sap.

Thankfully, making fake blood capsules is scarily easy, and is simple as making a trip to a drug and grocery store. Simply mix together a concoction of light corn syrup, water, food coloring, and a dash of cocoa powder. Once the fake blood mixture is ready, place it into a marinade injector and inject it into empty gel capsules which you can easily obtain from a vitamin store.

When you're ready to use the blood-filled capsules, place one in your mouth and let it warm up in your mouth before breaking it open with your teeth.

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