How To: 13 Delicious Ways to Reuse Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

13 Delicious Ways to Reuse Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

What's better than stuffing yourself during Thanksgiving dinner? Gorging on leftovers the next day, of course. Everybody loves a good turkey and cranberry sauce sandwich, but what are some other creative ways to re-purpose all the leftover turkey meat, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and everything else sitting in your refrigerator?

Chop up frozen chunks of pumpkin pie to make yourself a pumpkin pie milkshake. Mix cranberry sauce with cream cheese and nuts to make a tangy, creamy cracker dip. Turkey bones, skin, and meat can be simmered in a pot for seven hours to make delicious turkey broth. With some culinary imagination, your day after Thanksgiving meal can be just as memorable as the one you just had yesterday.

Got your own favorite ways to re-purpose your Thanksgiving leftovers? Share in the comments below.

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