How To: 8 Last Minute Fixes for Common Thanksgiving Cooking Disasters

8 Last Minute Fixes for Common Thanksgiving Cooking Disasters

Lumpy gravy? Gluey mashed potatoes? Dry turkey meat? So many things can go wrong when you are bestowed the honor (and burden) of cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Thankfully, some culinary mishaps that you encounter in the kitchen can be reversed or craftily disguised right before your guests sit down to eat.

Below, you'll learn must-know Turkey Day tips for a smooth cooking adventure. Examples include fast-thawing your turkey the morning of, fixing burned, undercooked, or dry turkey, making gravy smoother, fixing undercooked stuffing, and patching pumpkin pie cracks. These are just a few of the clever hacks you might have to use to rescue Thanksgiving dinner, and hopefully, they'll be all you need.

Got your own heroic stories of how you fixed your own Thanksgiving cooking mistakes? Share with us in the comments below.

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