How To: 10 Truly Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for the Cheap & Lazy

10 Truly Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for the Cheap & Lazy

Halloween night is near, and unlike your more artistically-minded friends who've been working on their homemade, hand-stitched, conceptually-brilliant Halloween costumes since May, you need to put together a last-minute costume in a matter of hours. What can you possibly do if you're cheap, kind of lazy, and don't know how to sew to save your life?

Invade your first-aid kit and roll yourself into a gauze mummy. Or if you happen to have a big cardboard box and a roll of duct tape lying around, turn yourself into a vintage robot.

Next to a thrift store? Buy yourself some vintage duds to dress as an old-timey ghost, or nab that XXL plain white T-shirt for a few bucks to make your ridiculously easy sunny-side-up egg costume. Have a lot of black in your wardrobe? Visit your nearest Halloween or dollar store and buy a burglar mask to complete your all-black bank robber ensemble.

If you're absolutely short on time, nothing says classic Halloween like a bed sheet ghost costume with eye holes. Say boo!

Got your own super-last-minute DIY costume ideas for Halloween? Share with us by commenting below.

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