How To: Make Realistic-Looking Fake Blood

Make Realistic-Looking Fake Blood

Store-bought fake blood isn't too expensive, but the consistency and color are always the same. Real blood varies from bright red when oxygenated (arterial blood) to deep, dark red when deoxygenated (venous blood), and can be either thick or thin. So you're better off making fake blood to get the look and texture you're going for.

Chances are, your kitchen and bathroom already contain the things you need to make that perfect red goo at home. In this guide, there are three fake blood recipes, any of which will work great as a finishing touch for your next gory costume party, violent music video shoot, or super-scary prank. Who said that fake blood is only good for Halloween?

If you're looking for a less-dead look, and more of a "I'm dying" or "I'm a vampire" effect, check out my other guide on making fake blood capsules for Halloween. Blood oozing out of your mouth makes a great special effect!

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this is great. now i just need to find a way to make it taste like the real thing!

Add a little iron oxide powder super fine and in a tiny tiny tiny amount it might give the "blood" the proper taste without making it too toxic to ingest by accident or purpose.

  • disclaimer- I do not take responsibility for any bad thing done with my suggestion also I am not a lawyer so this is not written very well.

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