How To: 21 Cool Ways to Use a Paper Clip

21 Cool Ways to Use a Paper Clip

A single paper clip can go a long way. Having just one of these ubiquitous office supplies can make you a smartphone mount, replace your broken zipper tab, scratch your lottery ticket, and eject the CD from your stuck DVD drive.

Multiple paper clips chained together can make you a very understated paper clip necklace, or can help you hang a potted plant from the ceiling.

Other than having surprisingly practical uses such as letter opener or DIY money clip, paper clips are also handy for your next super-easy science project. You can make a paper clip compass using magnets, or using a bowl of water and a square of tissue, you can make a paper clip float in water and demonstrate how surface tension works.

Got your own clever uses for paper clips? Share with us by commenting below. (Click on image to enlarge.)

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