How To: 9 Unusual Uses for Your Hair Dryer

9 Unusual Uses for Your Hair Dryer

Your hair dryer can come in handy for a number of unexpected uses, from removing crayon marks on walls to helping mold your plastic store-bought glasses to fit your big head. Not surprisingly, your hair dryer can also be used to defrost things, quickly dry wet things, and speed up the cooking at your next summer BBQ by heating up your cooking charcoal quickly after lighting.

Safety note—especially when you are defrosting or drying something, take extra precaution to make sure you never get water on your hair dryer.

Got your own unusual tips for the almighty blowdryer? Share with us in the comments below!

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Cold air has more oxygen in it than hot air so that would work better to help with a fire.

i left it until to dry

Playing with blind cats.

Just sayin'.

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