How To: 9 More Unusual Uses for Your Hair Dryer

9 More Unusual Uses for Your Hair Dryer

If your newly purchased shoes are feeling too tight, you can use a hair dryer to add more wiggle room for your feet. Simply wear your shoes with socks, and then direct the warm currents of a hair dryer at your feet, focusing on the areas that feel pinched.

This will help expand the material of your shoes into a slightly more comfortable fit. Read below for more unusual uses for a hair dryer.

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Im on a croft worth poultry and sheep little chicks sometimes get separated from mum then get cold so I heat them with hair dryer on low. My son at start of year got ingrown toe nail removed too painful and strongly advised against anything other than dressing so after washing he could only dry his open wounds with hair dryer before dressings went on

I used my hairdryer to defrost my frozen car radiator last year after I neglected to put antifreeze in. The car overheated very quickly and I had to drive a couple of miles home. Luckily the car was fine.

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