How To: 7 Ways to Cook a Campfire Meal, No Pots or Pans Required

7 Ways to Cook a Campfire Meal, No Pots or Pans Required

To make yourself a tasty meal during a camping trip, all you need are chopped up raw meats and vegetables, glowing embers, and a roll of heavy-duty aluminum foil. Simply place ingredients in a tightly wrapped aluminum foil packet, place on hot embers, and wait until everything inside is fully cooked.

If you can't miss out on bacon and eggs for breakfast, cook them in a paper bag over an open fire. Or if you want something with more starch, make yourself some bannock using flour and water. You could also wrap pre-made biscuit mix around a hot dog on a skewer.

If you're more of the hunter and gatherer type, you can also cook slabs of raw fish or raw game meat over a clean flat rock that has been preheated by fire.

Also, it's always good to know that in a pinch, you can cook eggs in an emptied-out orange peel.

Got your own tips for cooking out in the wilderness with minimal cooking equipment? Share with us!

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I tend to carry around tin foil anyhow, I remember last week it got me out of a pinch when I was at someone's pace and I had to go, but they were having hamburgers and anyone who would eat on their plate would have to stay and wash it. I use my aluminum foil to act as a plate, but the burger on, and left.

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