How to Open a Door Chain Lock or Bar Latch from the Outside

Assuming that you're not a burglar-in-training, you may one day find yourself in a situation where you have to break into a home through a door chain lock. But what to do if you have no time to wait for a locksmith?

All you need is some kind of string (dental floss, yarn, ribbon, etc.) or a sturdy rubber band (the thicker the better, so it won't snap under pressure). Both methods require manipulating the material so that the chain end is pulled towards the wider slot that will make the chain fall out, hence unlocking the door.

If you need to break into a bar latch, you can use a thick envelope to push at the metal loop until the door gets unlocked. For a demonstration of this technique, you can watch this video here.

Click on image below to enlarge.

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Just did it to get some beers from my brothers room, Had a chain lock and doorknob lock. I used the credit card trick (his door & doorknob is setup backwards) then the string thing you just displayed. Couldn't do the doorknob and chain trick because the chain is so high, but damn man i really. Kudos to you.

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