How To: 10 Amazing Uses for Dental Floss

10 Amazing Uses for Dental Floss

Sturdier than sewing thread and far less cumbersome than metal wire, dental floss has an amazing multitude of practical uses that can be used for baking, cooking, interior decorating, and more.

The sturdy and thin material that helps you get gunk out of your teeth can be used to, among many other things, neatly cut cake, slide cookies off of baking trays, remove a stuck ring from your finger, hang pictures on the wall, and even silence the noisy drip of a leaky faucet.

Not too shabby for a bathroom item usually associated with tedious dentist visits and personal hygiene procrastination.

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do you actually experiment with the material in focus to find out what it can do besides its main purpose? ('.')

It's usually a mix of stuff I've done myself, stuff I've heard from other people and good old internet. I would have never figured out on my own a lot of the more obscure uses!

considering i have no teeth these are pretty good uses for the stuff.could also use it for fishing line too.

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