How To: 8 Weird Ways to Cool Down for Summer

8 Weird Ways to Cool Down for Summer

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to cool down during the hot summer heat without blasting the A/C in your house and opening the refrigerator every few minutes to feel the cold, machine-made air blow against your overheated face.

Below are 8 weird and unexpected ways to turn down your body temperature the crafty DIY way. When people ask you why you're always hanging out in the basement with cucumber slices on your face this summer season, just tell 'em you're trying to cool down and save a little cash on your electricity bills.

Check out my followup for 8 more weird ways to cool down in the summer.

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I love the tea one!

nice trick with the fan and water bottles.

Why is there a dead person in the basement of that house?

sheets in the freezer! brrr

yogic breathing! wow, never thought of that.

fan and water bottles for me though i have to watch out for baby kitty trying to get in front.hee hee.

Rubbing water behind your knee and elbow, on your wrists and on your necks also helps to trick your body to think that it's cool.

Living without air conditioning during the summer is possible, with just a little self-control. The money-saving potential is obvious, and you know you need that.

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