How To: 8 More Weird Ways to Cool Down This Summer

8 More Weird Ways to Cool Down This Summer

Eating chili peppers may not be your first idea for cooling down during a hot summer day, but there's a reason why many of the spiciest foods in the world come from places notorious for extremely hot weather. Spicy food makes you sweat without raising your body temperature, and sweating is your body's efficient cooling-down system.

In addition to eating spicy food, you can choose to graze lightly throughout the day instead of eating three (or more) big meals. You can also become a complete recluse (or just act like one) and shut your curtains, blinds, and windows to keep the sunlight's heat out of your house.

Want to cool down in style? Take a cue from what people wear in the tropics or down South and wear loose, lightweight cotton or crisp linens. For hydration, avoid sugary sodas and pour yourself a cup of iced barley tea instead.

For more ways to cool down in the summer without wasting money on air conditioning, check out my original post from last year—8 Weird Ways to Cool Down for the Summer.

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