How To: 9 Things You Can Throw in Your Dishwasher Besides Dishes

9 Things You Can Throw in Your Dishwasher Besides Dishes

Not only does a dishwasher save you the manual labor of physically washing your dirty kitchenware, it can sterilize your make-up brushes, launder your favorite baseball cap, and even cook up your next dinner.

Yes, seriously. Your dishwasher can be used to cook seasoned salmon fillets with the aid of aluminum foil packets. (A word of caution: make sure those aluminum foil packets of salmon are really tightly sealed to keep your dishwasher from smelling fishy afterward.)

Check out my illustration below for more unexpected ways to use your kitchen dishwasher. And for those who feel weird about adding your dirty hairbrushes and dusty broom tops next to the dishes you eat off of, just do a full load of non-kitchenware items the next time you don't have any dirty dishes to worry about.

All hail the mighty dishwasher!

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Cool! thats amazing!

Really...a Keyboard? no f'n way dude!!!!

man, i must skimp on potato sanitation if some people use a dishwasher to clean them. i just give them a rinse and I'm good to go!

re:baseball cap - shoes might be better in the dishwasher as well.

oh totally. way better than having it knock around loudly in the washing machine and the shape won't get all messed up, either.

You can put old wooden items in there to strip off all old finish along with dirt and oils, it also steams most of the dents in the wood. I did this to an old dirty dented surplus gun stock then just sanded lightly and refinished it. Looks like brand new!

I've ran dirty gardening tools through the dishwasher.

Air filters from Room AC's, and the grid from electrostatic units work really well also...

Broccoli and peas work just like the salmon

I will have to try out the makeup and hair brushes. I have a horrible time trying to clean them and then I give up and just buy new ones.

Never thought that we can clean keyboard in dishwasher. Did anyone try it?

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