How To: 10 Super-Practical Uses for Dishwashing Soap

10 Super-Practical Uses for Dishwashing Soap

Bored of using your bottle of dishwashing soap for just washing dishes? You're in luck.

Not surprisingly, the soapy liquid commonly used for removing stubborn food build-up from your eating utensils can also be used as a general cleaner for washing windows, removing clothing and carpet stains, and cleaning your blender without taking it apart. For more unusual uses, dishwashing liquid is surprisingly useful for prepping your nails before a manicure and can even be used to kill fleas.

For a super-simple magic trick that involves only water, pepper and dishwashing soap, you can possibly fool your friends (or at least small children at birthday parties) into believing that you have mind control. That, and dishwasher liquid is also really useful for making giant soap bubbles.

Got your own unexpected uses for dishwashing liquid? Share with us by commenting below.

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Thanks Yumi for the tip about the ants! Gonna use that today. :D

Super! Let me know how that goes!

Hi everyone, an earlier version of the illustrated guide erroneously said "dishwasher soap" for all of the panels. I meant "dishwashing liquid," NOT the soap that is specifically for dishwashers. Image has now been updated so that everything refers to general dishwashing soap. Apologies for any confusion earlier!

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