How To: Make Giant Homemade Soap Bubbles

Make Giant Homemade Soap Bubbles

These dog days of summer are the perfect window of time to make giant homemade soap bubbles outdoors.

A giant bubble wand can be easily assembled with some butcher's string and two bamboo poles, both easily available at your local hardware store. Making the magical bubble solution that will make ridiculously huge bubbles may require a bit more work to gather the ingredients—after all, who has veterinary hand lubricant or surgical hand lubricant lying around the house? Nonetheless, these extra ingredients are worth the extra effort to create epic bubbles that will be bigger and more stable than bubble solutions that use simpler ingredients.

The bubble solution recipe was inspired by this video from Check it out to get an idea of how big and amazing these bubbles can look if done correctly.

Got your own tips and experiences for making giant homemade bubble? Share with us by commenting below!

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I have only ever used my hands and dish washing liquid this looks like it'd be fun though.

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