How To: Make & Grow Your Own Chia Pet

Make & Grow Your Own Chia Pet

How to Make & Grow Your Own Chia Pet

If you missed out on the Chia Pet craze from the '80s and '90s, don't worry—it's never too late to build and make your own weirdly head-shaped thing with grass hair growing on top.

Using potting soil, chia seeds, an old nylon stocking, an empty terracotta pot, and a little imagination, you can grow your own chia pet (or chia head) without ordering one from a TV infomercial.

Soak some chia seeds in water overnight and place inside the toe of a knee-high nylon or cut-off nylon pantyhose leg. Add potting soil until it forms a ball and tie the top of the nylon into a knot. Place the soil ball, knot-side-down, into a terracotta pot and decorate with rubber bands and googly eyes into an animal or face.

Once you're done with that, place your chia pet on a sunny windowsill and spray frequently with water using a spray bottle. Wait for the seeds to grow and trim as needed.

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