How To: 18 Awesome Ways to Reuse Old Pantyhose

18 Awesome Ways to Reuse Old Pantyhose

The annoying thing about pantyhose? They snag and tear very easily. The amazing thing about pantyhose? They have about a gazillion practical uses even if you can no longer wear them.

Shine and dust your fragile lamps and candlestick holders without fear of leaving a scratch. Protect your melons from repellent and bugs by wrapping the fruit in nylon tights; the material stretches as the melon gets bigger. Strain your paint so you don't have to worry about lumps when you repaint your bathroom. And an oldie but goodie: pantyhose makes for a decent bank robber mask (costume).

Got your own amazing uses for pantyhose? Share with us by commenting below! (Click on image to enlarge.)

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