How To: 12 Creative Ways to Reuse Old T-Shirts

12 Creative Ways to Reuse Old T-Shirts

Got a bunch of T-shirts you need to get rid of? Depending on how nostalgic you are for your high school choir club shirt or rock concert tee from your college days, you can cut up your former threads into a dishrag or gym headband.

Or, just memorialize those tees forever as framed art or a comfy quilt.

For the more crafty bunch with some sewing expertise, old tees are great for making scarves, laptop cases, circle rugs, and a shopping tote bag to carry the new T-shirts that you will probably be purchasing to represent this new and present era of your life.

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I LOVE your work and I'm having so much fun reading all your awesome comics! Thanks for making crafting even cooler!

Thank YOU for reading my comics, Jessica! Glad to hear you enjoy them. :)

My dad use old t-shirts as seat cover for the upright portion of his bucket seats in his truck.

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