How To: 19 Ways to Reuse Torn Gift Wrap Paper

19 Ways to Reuse Torn Gift Wrap Paper

Though the holiday season is just wrapping up, don't throw away your torn leftover gift wrap paper just yet. Whether for next year's holiday season or for year-round use, leftover gift wrap can be reused for a variety of creative and practical uses.

For next year's holiday season, torn gift wrap can be reused to wrap smaller gifts, make gift tags, or with a little clear tape and a piece of cardboard, craftily rolled together into a handmade gift wrap bow. As a more practical holiday reuse, simply use the leftover gift wrap to wrap your fragile Christmas ornaments for storage.

Want to use your leftover gift wrap year-round? Larger pieces of torn gift wrap can be used to line your shelves or drawers, wrap your books, or even framed to make nice wall art. You can also crumple them to clean your windows without leaving a streak and, of course, use the white side of torn gift wrap pieces to write your grocery list. New Year's Eve party shopping list, anyone?

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