How To: 12 Nifty Ways to Reuse Plastic Grocery Bags

12 Nifty Ways to Reuse Plastic Grocery Bags

If you are like most people, you have a lot of plastic grocery bags lying around the house. Most of us end up reusing them as trash bags for small trash cans, doggy-doo pickup, kitty litter box liners, or plastic versions of a paper lunch sack.

But for people who want to get more creative with reusing plastic grocery bags, you can use them as DIY snow shoes, make a lightweight kite, keep your houseplants hydrated while you are on vacation, and even fuse layers of old plastic grocery bags together to create a fabric for a reusable grocery bag.

Plastic grocery bags aren't the most environmentally friendly things in the world, but they can still give you good karma points. If you have more plastic grocery bags than you know what to do with, you can always donate them to animal shelters, thrift stores, libraries, non-profits and other businesses that can put them to good use.

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I use them as shoe bags when I travel - I put my shoes in an old grocery bag to protect my clothes from them!

Good one! I definitely do that a lot, too.

I have a friend who cuts the bags into loops and then crochets them into very strong water proof carry-all bags. Her bags are very popular around here.

That's awesome! Do you happen to have a link to her website or photos by any chance? I think some readers would definitely be interested in seeing them.

Go to etsy and search for plarn bags. There are a lot of people who make them and sell them there.

Check out the product called Loop-A-Can, it allows resuse of plastic grocery bags as trash can liner
or can be used to secure regular liners as well, pretty neat product to save money and environment>

If you Have A garbage disposal the best way to reuse your Garbage Bag is As A Garbage Bag!!!! Garbage Goes Down the disposal Paper, Plastic Cans, Go in the Trash!!! Maybe you Rinse out the Cans!! Eventually you will replace the Plastic Bag!!! But i can use one Bag for years!! with no Odors!!!!!

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