How To: 6 DIY Tips for Watering Your Houseplants While Away on Vacation

6 DIY Tips for Watering Your Houseplants While Away on Vacation

What can you do if you're about to leave for a big trip and can't find a plant-sitter to regularly water your indoor plants? Just like pets, your indoor ferns and marigolds need attention, too!

Fortunately, there are many simple and cheap DIY tricks to keep your green friends properly hydrated so that you don't return home to a house full of wilting and yellowing plants. For many houseplants, it can be as simple as sealing a plastic bag over the foliage, which acts as a miniature greenhouse, preventing the soil from drying up quickly.

You also can get super-crafty and set up a DIY watering system with a container full of water and a nylon cord or shoelace. When stretched from the container to the pot, the cord wicks water down to the plant's soil on a gradual basis.

For the diaper technique, make sure the diaper does not cover the drainage hole.

Whatever you decide to do, give yourself a big pat on the back for being such a responsible and caring plant owner.

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perhaps my favorite yumi guide! great tips.

Good tips. In fact you can also use soaker hoses with timer, or self watering nozzle which is low cost.

i am going away for i week and need to know how to keep my window boxes watered

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