How To: Make Your Own DIY Leaf Skeleton

Make Your Own DIY Leaf Skeleton

Making your own leaf skeleton is a fun, DIY project where you strip green leaves of their outer coating and tissue, leaving behind the "skeleton" of delicate veins underneath. Leaf skeletons can then be used as framed art pieces, or delicate decor for homemade cards or ornaments.

To make your own DIY leaf skeleton, all you need are fresh, green leaves, washing soda, and a small, blunt brush. Heat leaves in a large pot with washing soda and water into a simmer until the leaves appear to be disintegrating, and then gently transfer leaves from the pot and into a shallow baking dish filled with cool water. Use a paintbrush or a dull toothbrush to gently tap away the remaining pulp from the leaves.

Once that step is over, transfer the leaves onto a paper towel and allow them to dry. As an optional step, leaf skeletons can be bleached or dyed with food coloring.

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