How To: Even 8 More DIY Gift-Wrapping Ideas for Christmas Presents

Even 8 More DIY Gift-Wrapping Ideas for Christmas Presents

Want to wrap your Christmas gifts in a memorable way? Give your gift recipient a DIY super-secret book safe, and while you are at it, hide a small gift inside the the secret safe. Or, if you plan on giving a gift card, create a snow globe out of a mason jar and water and glitter, and insert the gift card at the bottom of the jar so that it is held upright by superglue.

For a less labor-intensive but equally crafty method, wrap your gift in chalkboard paper and then personalize it with chalk. For a simple yet lovely DIY flair, wrap your gift in plain brown wrapping paper and add little organic accessories like leaves, flowers, and herb plants on the surface with glue or tape.

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