How To: 15 Clever Uses for Expired Debit, Credit, Gift, and Membership Cards

15 Clever Uses for Expired Debit, Credit, Gift, and Membership Cards

Do you have a junk drawer full of expired gift cards, membership cards, school ID cards, debit and credit cards, and other sturdy rectangular pieces of plastic you no longer use?

Rather than tossing or shredding them, you can use them to scrape ice off your car windshield, organize your cable cords, get rid of air bubbles on a freshly wall-papered wall, make an earbud holder, prop up your smart phone, stabilize your furniture, and more.

Got your own clever uses for expired plastic? Share with us.

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Take precaution when using expired debit and credit cards. No one would be able to use the actual cards themselves, but your account number is still there and they'd just have to figure out the new expiration date and security code to use it online.

Unless you have a brand new account number, take precautions, like demagnetizing the strip and using it for things that involve cutting up the credit card into pieces.

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I've also used a card to remove objects stuck inside closed units like the DVD drive on a MacBook. Use packing tape and reverse it onto the card so the sticky side is out. Insert into drive so it sticks to DVD. Pull the DVD out. Worked great on a friend's MacBook when she had two cd's stuck inside.

Good one! Thanks for sharing.

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