How To: Organize Your Chaotic Cable Clutter

Organize Your Chaotic Cable Clutter

If you are like most people, you probably have a discordant mess of cable and computer cords in your workspace or living room snaking all over the floor or against your desk. Though you can buy various cable organizers at the computer store, you can also organize them the DIY way with bread twist ties, binder clips, cardboard tubes, old credit cards, Velcro tape, or even your old hair clip.

You can use a bread clip or duct tape to label your cords so you are never confused about which cord plugs into what electronic device.

For cables and cords not in use, try using an over-the-door shoe rack, a CD spindle, and for small cords on the go, an old sunglasses case. Your electronics may run your life, but they don't have to add an eyesore to your living space.

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