How To: 18 Useful Things You Can Do with Cardboard Tubes

18 Useful Things You Can Do with Cardboard Tubes

Don't toss out those cardboard tubes just yet. Whenever you have one leftover from a roll of paper towels, toilet paper, or wrapping paper, hang on to it, because it's got some great DIY potential.

Cardboard tubes of all sizes can be handy for a variety of uses, from storing plastic grocery bags to keeping your boots upright to prevent creasing. You can also store your sharp knives safely, keep important documents clean and dry, and give your beloved hamster a fun tunnel to crawl through.

During the holiday season, toilet paper rolls are great for making holiday crackers, and gift wrap tubes are the perfect length for keeping your Christmas lights tangle-free.

If none of these interest you and you must toss out that cardboard tube, recycle it. Better yet, compost it— cardboard is actually very useful for aerating your compost.

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or use them to attach a camera to a telescope or extend rock throwing inside the tube. or make a telescope and see eclips and stars.

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