How To: Make a Christmas Cracker

Make a Christmas Cracker

If you have a bunch of spare toilet paper tubes lying around, you're in luck this holiday season. With wrapping paper, a couple trinkets, and a pack of cracker snaps, you can make your very own Christmas crackers.

Traditionally used in holiday celebrations in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries, Christmas crackers are party favors that when pulled apart, produce a snapping sound and contain small trinkets such as candy, a deck of cards, toys, slips of paper with jokes written on them, paper Christmas crowns, and other small knickknacks.

Usually, two people pull on opposite ends of the cracker. If you're in a big holiday gathering, you can simultaneously pull your Christmas crackers apart in a big circle, with everyone crossing their arms and holding his or her own cracker in the left hand and the adjacent person's cracker in the right hand.

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