How To: 4 Ways to Make a Christmas Wreath Out of Paper Waste

4 Ways to Make a Christmas Wreath Out of Paper Waste

Forget those boring evergreen wreaths with the thick red ribbon and the pine cones that everyone else has hanging in their homes. Make your own DIY upcycled wreath using newspaper, paper shopping bags, cardboard coffee cup sleeves, toilet paper tubes, or even that trashy paperback novel you bought for a dime at the local thrift store that you're probably never going to read.

Once you've decided on the paper material of your choice, the additional materials (foam wreath, ribbon, hot glue gun, etc.) can be easily obtained at a craft store. As these wreaths are made entirely of cardboard or paper, these wreaths are probably best displayed indoors.

Got your own tips for making wreaths out of paper waste—or any waste that would have otherwise gone into the trash or the recycling bin? Share with us by commenting below!

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