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8 Alternative Ways to Decorate for the Holidays Using Christmas Lights

Got a box full of Christmas lights but don't exactly have a picturesque rooftop to hang the lights from? Or, have too many Christmas lights and too little space to decorate with?

To bring festive cheer to your living space, you can place Christmas lights on top of fireplace logs in the fireplace to give the illusion of glowing fire without actually making a real fire. Or, you can pin Christmas lights in the shape of a Christmas tree against your wall to have an eternally evergreen (or gold or red) tree glowing in your living room for the rest of the year.

Not a fan of Christmas-y things? Year-round, you can use Christmas lights to hang them vertically behind your bedroom curtains, place inside a mason jar, or make your own twinkly, soft-lit chandelier or bedroom ceiling ambiance light.

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