How To: Make a Borax Crystal Snowflake

Make a Borax Crystal Snowflake

If you're tired of using the same old ornaments on your Christmas tree year after year, then it's time to experiment with borax snowflakes. It's not only a fun decoration to make, it's a great science project to try out with family and friends. All you need for to make DIY crystal snowflakes at home are pipe cleaners, borax, a wide-mouth jar, string, a pencil, and boiling water.

Simply cut pipe cleaners into small pieces and fashion them together into a snowflake shape. Then fill a jar with a solution of borax and boiling water, and suspend your pipe cleaner formation into the jar using string and a pencil.

Let the jar sit overnight and allow crystals to form on surface of your snowflake-shaped pipe cleaners. Remove from solution and let it dry before using as indoor Christmas decoration.

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I going to try using different colors pipes cleaners if that possible or wonder can food dye can be use in the water just want too see what other colors could be possible , just so my tree will be soo different.

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