How To: 8 Crafty Ways to Reuse Old Christmas Ornaments & Decorations

8 Crafty Ways to Reuse Old Christmas Ornaments & Decorations

Broken glass Christmas ornaments? Evergreen wreath falling apart? Before you throw away or donate Christmas decorations you no longer need, see if you can reuse or recycle them for better use year-round or for next year's holiday season.

Christmas ball ornaments can be used to decorate your hanging chandeliers year-round, or can simply be placed in a clear glass bowl for a simple yet elegant table centerpiece. If you have accidentally broken some of your Christmas glass ornaments, you can actually smash the glass pieces into a fine glass glitter, and then use that to decorate a new clear Christmas ball ornament.

Christmas lights can be used year-round in your home as simple yet effective mood lighting. You can also take apart your evergreen Christmas wreath and use the florist wire and metal ring for your own craft projects, and use the evergreen needles to compost your garden or stow away in your camper in a box to use for future campfire kindling.

Got your own clever reuses for Christmas ornaments and decorations? Share with us!

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