How To: 9 Crafty Things You Can Do with Candy Canes

9 Crafty Things You Can Do with Candy Canes

With the help of a hot glue gun and other basic craft supplies, the iconic red and white candy cane sticks can be used to make candy cane vases, candy cane wreaths, and candy cane candle holders.

For a super-simple and super-romantic baking project, simply melt two candy cane sticks together in an oven for a few minutes to make one literally and figuratively sweet candy cane heart. Go extra sweet with candy cane dessert recipes; crush candy canes into tiny pieces and use them as toppings and sprinkles for cupcakes, frosting, ice cream, brownies, and more.

Not the crafty or baking type? Unwrap your candy cane from its plastic wrapper and stick into your favorite holiday drink (alcoholic or otherwise) to celebrate the winter festivities. Cheers.

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