How To: 16 Uses for Wax Paper You Probably Didn't Know About

16 Uses for Wax Paper You Probably Didn't Know About

Wax paper, a moisture-proof paper commonly used in the kitchen to keep food from sticking, can also be used to preserve maple leaves, keep bathroom fixtures spotless, line your refrigerator bins, funnel spices into small spice containers, and make re-corking unfinished wine bottles a cinch.

Rubbing off the wax on surfaces can make your closet rod smooth for your hangers, make your snow sled go faster on hills, keep your gardening tools rust free, and lubricate your stuck zipper teeth.

Need to clean your manual can opener? Simply run the can opener blades through a sheet of wax paper, which will help remove grime and maintain the metal.

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This is great!! Thanks! I wonder if wax paper will also keep snow and ice from sticking to my wiper blades ... ?

Would the wax not transfer from the waffle iron to the waffle when cooking? I kind of think I'll stick to cooking spray :)

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