How To: 12 Crazy Cool Ways to Reuse Twist Ties

12 Crazy Cool Ways to Reuse Twist Ties

The next time you buy bread, tortillas and other produce or baked goods items that come with twist ties, don't throw them away. These handy pieces of plastic-covered wire come to good use when you need to build a garden trellis, organize your power cords, replace your zipper pull or securely tie your Christmas ornaments to your Christmas tree.

For more fine-tuned tasks such as replacing the screw in your eyeglasses, temporary attaching a loose button back to your clothing or cleaning out your razor blades, you can remove the plastic cover from the twist tie to use just the inside wire.

Do keep in mind that twist ties have a metal center. So be sure to avoid sticking twist ties in power outlets and to unplug or turn off electric appliances if you are going to use a twist tie on them.

Got your own clever uses for twist ties? Share with us by commenting below!

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Some veterinarians advise to not use twist ties near your pets. It is difficult to determine the metal used in twist ties. There is a potential for zinc or lead poisoning if the tie is chewed on, which can be especially harmful to birds. I have an umbrella cockatoo and was advised by my vet to not use twist ties containing metal to secure his cage.

Very useful list otherwise!

Yikes, that is very good to know. Thank you for sharing this!

Any more info what kind of metal is in twist ties? I assumed they were all just plastic?

A lot of twist ties usually have a thin metal wire going through the middle to make it sturdier when you twist the plastic tie around something to keep a bag closed. I've tried searching online and I can't seem to find any concrete answer on what the inner metal is exactly made of. Anyone else know?

Better yet, don't keep any animal inside of a cage, especially birds. They are meant to fly, not to be stared at.

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