How To: 13 Unexpected to Downright Crazy Uses for Mason Jars

13 Unexpected to Downright Crazy Uses for Mason Jars

Invented by Philadelphia tinsmith John L. Manson in 1858 for canning and preserving perishables, mason jars are experiencing a major resurgence in the DIY community. In addition to being a handy storage device for both food and non-food items, its old-timey, quaintly antiquated look also makes for good drinking glasses, candle holders, flower vases and eye-pleasing decorations.

Want to get more crafty with mason jars? You can make a snow globe or submerge a photograph in a mason jar full of olive oil for a truly unique photo display. You can even make battery-powered speakers with mason jars using electronics from RadioShack. For survival purposes, you can use a little bit of water in a jar and direct sunlight to start a fire, or construct a DIY emergency oil lamp in case of a power outage or natural disaster.

If you aren't intimidated by the prospect of donning safety goggles and using methanol and long matches for a crazy science experiment, check out this science experiment by Justin Meyers on his many attempts and ultimate success in creating a pulsing jet engine in a jar (complete with captured video footage!). For a more kid-friendly science project that demonstrates how clouds are formed, try making a cloud in a jar.

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Take a mason jar, string of Christmas lights that are battery operated. Popouroi. Lace or crocheted doilly to cover jar. Put lights and popouri in jar top with lace and turn on. Nice twinkle of lights and a nice smell.

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