How To: Hack a Blender with a Mason Jar

Hack a Blender with a Mason Jar

Gina Kometani posted such a cool tip to the community corkboard, I had to illustrate it!

Interesting fact—many blenders can be used with a standard, wide-mouth mason jar. So the next time you want to whip something up, but don't want to bother with scrapping the contents out of your blender and into a separate container, you can use an inverted mason jar in place of the usual blender jar. Just attach the jar, blend your ingredients, remove the jar, and screw on the lid for instant storage. This is especially convenient for blending recipes that are difficult to clean out, such as whipped cream, spice mixes, and peanut butter. 

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How to Hack a Blender with a Mason Jar

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man this is kool! domo arigato

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