How To: Normally Trashed Items That Are Actually Garden Gold

Normally Trashed Items That Are Actually Garden Gold

If you've got a knack for gardening and an inclination for recycling, then you need to know about these six garden hacks. Some of the trash inside your bathroom and kitchen is actually garden gold, so get your recycling hats on.

Toilet paper tubes and empty egg cartons are perfect for starting seedlings before they're ready to be planted into the ground. For fertilizing your soil, you can always use the old standby of used coffee grounds or used tea leaves.

When your little egg carton seedling becomes a full-grown fruit tree, you can use strips of used (but not burnt) aluminum foil to hang on the tree branches to ward off any fruit-eating birds. Cutesy designer scarecrows are overpriced and unnecessary! You can also use foil mixed into garden mulch to keep bugs and slugs away.

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