How To: 7 Random Uses for Used Tea Bags

7 Random Uses for Used Tea Bags

The next time you brew yourself a nice cup of hot tea, don't throw the tea bag away. Old tea bags can be used in many ways ranging from household cleanup to DIY beauty and even gardening.

Other than the classic method of placing tea bags on tired eyes to reduce puffiness, tea bags can also be used to fertilize your roses, relieve poison ivy rash, clean wood furniture, and more. Below are seven random uses for tea bags that still have some oomph left in them long after you've brewed your last hot drink.

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the planter drainage hole trick is a good one. thanks.

Teabags benefit any allergic skin reaction... :)

I'm thinking of trying 6 & 7 ! ^o^

Can we try the 6th one together Kibo?

I suggest u do that with ur lover/girlfriend/boyfriend :)

For #4 I thought you were gonna put "tie the tea bags to your cat's feet while it's sleeping."

this is totally awesome given how much tea i go through!

Number one would be most appreciated by my family

I like to use tea bags for roses

Use tea bags to help with dental pain. Place over area to reduce pain and swelling. They contain tannic acid.

on number one would they help for some one that was a veteran and got feet fungus from agent orange?cause my poor dad has really bad feet and no matter what he tries it always ends up just not helping.medications only work for so long then he is back to the way it was before?gonna try to soak his feet in tea bags.i mean try anything if it might slightly help right.said it would help with allergic reactions too,maybe it would help a little bit.

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