Trash Treasure Hunt: An Illustrated Guide to Dumpster Diving for Newbies

An Illustrated Guide to Dumpster Diving for Newbies

There is no discount like free. And if you are not afraid to get your hands and clothes dirty foraging through dumpster bins, trash cans and the back alleys of department stores or restaurants to score perfectly usable items and perfectly edible food without paying a single cent, then dumpster diving might be right up your alley.

Obvious but worth stating: take extra precaution with food safety if you are dumpster diving for edible food. If dumpster diving for food does not sit comfortably with you, keep in mind that there are plenty of other useful, non-edible items—furniture, electronics, clothing, magazines, etc.—that can be found in dumpsters and also in garbage bags, recycle bins, abandoned boxes or curbside junk.

Got your own tips for first-time dumpster divers? Share with us by commenting below.

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