How To: 10 Unusual Uses for Discarded Eggshells

10 Unusual Uses for Discarded Eggshells

Many foods do not come in natural packaging that is as useful and versatile as its content. Eggs are an exception. So, the next time you buy a carton of eggs, be sure to hold onto the eggshells after you are finished cooking with them.

In the kitchen, you can use eggshells to clean your teapot, help keep your kitchen sink unclogged and take the bitterness out of your coffee. For your gardening needs, eggshells make for great compost material and can keep slugs and other garden pests away. Eggshells can also be ground up into fine powder and added to your dog's food. They can even be mixed with flour and hot water to create eggshell sidewalk chalk.

Check out this previous post for a more detailed guide on Easter egg blowing and this post for the most effective techniques for peeling hard-boiled eggs quickly. 

Got your own tips for using discarded eggshells? Share with us in the comments below!

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10 Unusual Uses for Discarded Eggshells

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