How To: 7 DIY Cures for Headaches

7 DIY Cures for Headaches

What can you do when you're suffering from a pounding headache and you're in too much pain to drive to the nearest drugstore? Fill a large plastic bowl with hot water, add one tablespoon of dry mustard powder, and soak your feet for twenty minutes.

No, really—it's true. Giving yourself a mustard-laced foot bath helps draw toxins from your body, in addition to increasing blood and lymph circulation to help relieve your head of pain. Who would have thought?

Below are six additional home remedies for relieving the throbbing pain in your noggin. They're all super cheap, easy to do, and they don't add any weird chemicals to your body. And who doesn't want an excuse to buy a garishly-colored tin of tiger balm from your favorite Asian market?

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I really needed this! I get headaches so often, and this really helps!

Dehydration is definitely one of the most common causes of headaches, especially for me. So, water is always my number one solution. I've tried the washcloth and tea before, but the others I had never heard of... definitely will be trying them out though!

Yes, proper hydration is HUGE! Not only does it prevent headaches, it also makes you clear-headed and properly energized for the day. I used to be terrible about drinking water and drinking water regularly definitely is a very simple and effective positive habit that makes a huge difference on your wellbeing.

you're right about one thing, yumi... i have always wanted an excuse to buy one of those wonderfully tacky tins of tiger balm. :)

Also amazing for mosquito bites

Prevention is a biggie. I used to get very bad migraines. After several years, I discovered that they were triggered by certain foods; mainly those with nitrates, such as bacon, sausage, hotdogs, ham. (and my beloved chocolate!) It took me so long to figure out the connection, because the reaction was 12 - 24 hours AFTER I ate those offending foods. So who would connect a headache with what you ate yesterday!
I suggest that anyone who suffers from migraines try eliminating those from diet. After a few weeks without those foods or migraine, eat a hotdog. You will see! Also; hormone replacement - estrogen, can REALLY cause awful migraines in some. Nitroglycerin for angina also.

GREAT tip, Sandra, and something I should have included in the post. Monitoring your diet and eliminating processed, sugary and other forms of not-healthy foods can definitely make a huge difference in eliminating headaches and your energy level.

oops meant to say 'increasing your energy level'

I don't get them now, but a few years ago I used to get a huge headache every Saturday like clockwork. Don't know why, but it was really annoying! I used the drink water + water towel trick to make it go away.

I would also recommend light stretching, especially around the neck and shoulder area. Sometimes the neck and shoulders are so stiff or strained that it could make that headache a lot worse. Relaxing those muscles often made my headaches go away much faster.

Oh I have another one, this one taught to me by a doctor friend of mine:

If you have a splitting headache close your eyes. Once you have your eyes closed try to perceive where the source of the pain is coming from. If you have multiple points of pain just focus on one right now. Some people say "I swear the headache is originating somewhere behind my eye" or " I think the pain is coming near the back of my neck". When you have a sense where the point of pain is coming from, focus on it. In your mind, picture that area, and what the pain might look like based on how strong it is ( "I feel it's a small sharp point" or "It feels like it's a thin line of pain"). If you keep focusing on that source, you'll start to notice that it's slowly starting to change in shape and intensity. The more you try to focus on it the smaller it becomes and the less pain you'll feel from that spot. After a few minutes, that point of pain that was terrible now becomes more relaxed and manageable. If you have several points, focus on one and then move on to the next.

If I have a throbbing headache where it feels like I'm being stabbed that's what I do. It doesn't work when the headache is evenly spread and everything hurts, but just in cases where you can pinpoint where it is hurting the most.

Great tip, JD. Thank you for sharing

Kinda reminds me of a more in-depth and sophisticated version of biting your lip to stop cramps when running.

Here's one- if you are on the computer or looking at a screen and you have a headache, first, if you can get away from the screen, do so. But if you can't, every 20 minutes, stare at something pretty far away, like 25 feet, for around 30 seconds. Whenever I'm looking at a screen I do this, because it also prevents headaches.

These are some awesome tips. I'll try making the ginger tea next time I get a headache, and try to remember to drink more water. (I'm terrible about that!)

hey yumi- this one seems to be really popular, maybe you could make a continuation or something? that would be awesome :)

definitely something to consider! didn't realize that this post would strike such a chord among people. :)

+Yumi - yes, striking a huge chord!! thank you!

I did the ginger tea today and it worked but I must add, it works even better to add cardamom. Cardamom not only helps my headaches but also treated a problem I had where I felt the need to burp but could not release it. The problem escalated to choking and causing me to make scenes in public because my esophagus was going crazy on me! But cardamom and ginger kombucha solved the problem.......

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